This is CyberSaved.

We set high standards for the security and quality of the products we supply, just like our communication with the customer. This prevents unnecessary cyber-attacks, confusion and long waiting times.

In addition to quality and safety, we also provide another important service, namely findability. By looking closely at what your company offers to the customer, the CyberSaved team will think along with you to ensure that your company is found as well as possible thanks to the best matched SEO (search engine optimization). Thanks to our SEO your company and its services will be found on the internet within no time.

Meet the CyberSaved Team

An IT-consultancy team with a vision for a safe future.

Kai Koster

Oprichter & CEO

Jauri Leeuwenburg

Account Manager

Rocco Uva

Account Manager

Stefan Stojanovic

Head Recruitment